Since 1996

Youth Justice Services

Counselling Services

Individual Counselling Services are designed to address issues of addictions, substance abuse and anger management.  All services are confidential and based on a harm reduction model.


  • Development of pro-social behaviour and attitudes
  • Offence specific Assessment Tools
  • Promotion of accountability and compliance with court orders

Office Hours

Monday - Thursday
8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Community Integration & After Care Services

The Attendance Centre, collaboratively offered by Western Area Youth Services and Rain & Shine Behavioural Counselling Services Ltd., provides on-going support to individuals requiring Integration and After Care Services.  This assistance provides individuals the opportunity to integrate skill sets taught at the Attendance Centre, to their daily lives.


  • Community Referrals
  • Education/Employment Liaison and Advocacy
  • Environment Specific Training
  • Intensive One-One Support
  • Family Interventions
  • Housing
  • Parental Support
  • Assistance in the Acquisition of Personal Identification

Recreation & Activity Development

While promoting pro-social behaviours through recreation, youth in the programme are provided social and emotional support within their individual communities.


  • Individual or group settings
  • Promotion of pro-social activities (sports, fitness, music, art)
  • Liaison for external community resources
  • Promotion of conflict resolution, fair play and self-esteem

Re-Integration Services

The Youth Re-Integration programme provided is a multidisciplinary programme that provides social and emotional support to youth returning to their community post incarceration.


  • Housing & Identification
  • Family Reconnections
  • Forgiveness & Reconciliation
  • Employment / Social Assistance
  • Lifestyle Changes / Life skills

*Youth Justice Services are 100% funded by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services, Youth Justice Services Division

All referrals must be submitted by the youth’s probation officer.